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The Refinery is a proud distributor for Blackberry House Paint products. And all of it is absolutely FABULOUS! As I mentioned in my last post, I had been using chalk paint and making some of my own for our projects. I loved chalk paint because it requires very little prep for the project before you begin painting. No sanding and no priming. So while I was trying all sorts of finishes, I ordered a sample of Blackberry House Paint from an Etsy shop. I loved the variety of colors! And I noticed the finish was super smooth!

Blackberry House Paint is developed in Murfreesboro, TN, by a lady named Polly Blair. (Click the link below to read Polly's story. It's a great story, so I highly recommend the read!!)

I have cousins Murfreesboro (a convenient coincidence) and on a family visit, I met Polly in her little shop. After talking a bit about painting furniture and paints I was completely sold on her product and signed up to be an Authorized Blackberry House Paint dealer. I bought an inventory, took my staff to an instructional class taught by Polly herself. We learned, hands on, the secrets, tricks and techniques of using this paint and how to teach classes ourselves. It felt like a scary step to take in my business, but with a leap of faith I took it. The only way to say it is, IT HAS BEEN A GAME CHANGER!!

Let me tell you why I LOVE this paint... IT IS NOT CHALK PAINT! Here is the info:

Blackberry House Paint is a water based, acrylic blend paint with custom pigments and a selection of additives that give our paint maximum coverage, superior grip, true depth of color, self-leveling features and layering capabilities. When applied with a quality brush, Blackberry House Paint will dry free of brush strokes, cutting the time it takes to sand and distress significantly. Blackberry House Paint produces a very low level of airborne sanding residue, allowing you to work indoors on a protected floor surface. It is designed to be wet sanded for ease of use, but can also be dry sanded with little effort. A thorough clean with a degreaser is the only prep necessary before painting. Since this is a water based paint, it must be sealed to aid in the curing process if you are going to use your project right away. After an 8-10 day cure time without sealer, this paint is self-sealing and will cure to a hard finish.

  • Chalk free
  • No VOC (volatile organic compounds)
  • No pre-sanding or stripping necessary
  • Superior adhesion
  • Purely pigmented for true colors
  • Dries quickly and free of brushstrokes
  • Easy to distress wet or dry
  • Minimal airborne residue
  • Can be used indoors
What this means to us:
  • It dries quickly in about 25 minutes or so... ready for a 2nd coat (if needed), sealer or wax (if needed) meaning you can finish a project in a short amount of time.
  • It has self-leveling features and dries free of brushstrokes. Free of brushstrokes is key to providing a quality finished look!
  • No sanding or priming necessary
  • Superior adhesion – we paint everything with it. Metal, glass, iron, brass, all wood finishes, even very glossy ones.
  • Self-sealing. After 8-10 days, this paint cures to a hard finish. You DON'T have to wax it if you don't want to.
  • Beautiful colors and it just looks so good!!!

Blackberry House Paint has truly transformed our business. We can provide custom painting services with a feel of factory/professional quality using colors and finishing styles of your choice. Because of its ease of use, our project timelines are normally just 2 weeks. If DIY is your passion, we sell our amazing paint and provide classes to train you on how to use it. It has been so fun! And the possibilities are endless!

Blackberry House Paints

User friendly and affordable

32 oz $29.00

16 oz $20.00

4 oz $ 8.00

Waxes available for $15.00

Natural, Barely Brown, Dirty Water, Rough it Up