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I’m Cathy and I absolutely LOVE ALL things about home décor. I’m owner of The Refinery, a little shop where I paint and repurpose furniture. The Refinery offers custom painting services for clients wanting to give their own pieces a custom look and custom painting services for home cabinetry. We repurpose some of own furniture pieces for resale. We sell the AMAZING paint we use and we offer classes to teach the techniques and tools you need to complete your furniture transformation yourself. It’s a GREAT little shop!

Being the owner of The Refinery has been an incredible journey, to say the least. Having worked in the corporate world for 20 + years, owning a small business has been a crazy, stressful, wonderful, blessed roller coaster ride. Embarking on a CREATIVE venture can seem like an overwhelming and scary production, but I have had an amazing supporting cast to make The Refinery what it is all along the way. I hope you will join me here on my blog as I share our story and learn about painting furniture. It’s much easier than you think and incredibly fun! I’m hoping you’ll find tips, tricks, techniques, information about paints and products, and a new world of inspiration here that you can apply yourself. Come join our journey at The Refinery!