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Sometimes figuring out the right paint color can be a stressful process. Especially if you are indecisive like myself. Paint is a big commitment. Typically, paint is something we choose first when starting with a room. However, if you are deciding on what color to paint your furniture piece, it may come last in the decorating process.

Customers and friends always ask me “Well, what color do you recommend” and that is a tough question. It depends on what else you have in the space, where the piece is going, and what your style is. But the answers may be easier than you realize.

Recently a client brought us in a fabric swatch that she found some inspiration from. It is a great starting point to determine what colors you are attracted to and what your style is. Often times you can look at the colors in your curtains for inspiration or perhaps a throw pillow in that room. If your fabric is neutral, than maybe look to other décor within your home.

I recently had my kitchen island painted and distressed to match a picture frame in my home. Inspiration can be found anywhere you just have to know where to look first.