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Blackberry House Paint

The Refinery is a proud distributor for Blackberry House Paint products. And all of it is absolutely FABULOUS! As I mentioned in my last post, I had been using chalk paint and making some of my own for our projects. I loved chalk paint because it requires very little prep for the project before you begin painting. No sanding and no priming. So while I was trying all sorts of finishes, I ordered a sample of Blackberry House Paint from an Etsy shop. I loved the variety of colors! And I noticed the finish was super smooth!

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So how did I get started?

Did a little thrift store shopping, found some chalk paint, a small store front and went to work. I loved chalk paint! No sanding, no priming, and easy clean up were certainly some of the best things about it. I sanded and stained, learned to use wood putty and wax, and even made my own chalk paint to use. Here are some pictures of The Refinery in its beginning and some of our first projects.

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Hi there!

I’m Cathy and I absolutely LOVE ALL things about home décor. I’m owner of The Refinery, a little shop where I paint and repurpose furniture. The Refinery offers custom painting services for clients wanting to give their own pieces a custom look and custom painting services for home cabinetry. We repurpose some of own furniture pieces for resale. We sell the AMAZING paint we use and we offer classes to teach the techniques and tools you need to complete your furniture transformation yourself. It’s a GREAT little shop!

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