Blackberry HousePaint and Refinishing Products


Blackberry House Paint offers vibrant colors and classy neutrals for most any style. They are easy to use and easy to mix, so we can match the look you choose or create a style that is uniquely you. Come on, you know you want to paint it!

Blackberry House Paint

Blackberry House Paint is a water-based paint with custom pigments and a selection of additives that give our paint maximum coverage, superior grip, true depth of color, self-leveling features, and layering capabilities. When applied with a quality brush, Blackberry House Paint will dry free of brush strokes, cutting the time it takes to sand and distress significantly. Blackberry House Paint produces a very low level of airborne sanding residue, allowing you to work indoors on a protected floor surface. It is designed to be wet sanded for ease of use but can also be dry sanded with little effort.

A thorough clean with a degreaser is the only prep necessary before painting. Since this is a water-based paint, it must be sealed to aid in the curing process if you are going to use your project right away. After an 8-10 day cure time without sealer, this paint is self-sealing and will cure to a hard finish.

  • Chalk free
  • No VOC (volatile organic compounds)
  • No pre-sanding or stripping necessary
  • Superior adhesion
  • Purely pigmented for true colors
  • Dries quickly and free of brushstrokes
  • Easy to distress wet or dry
  • Minimal airborne residue
  • Can be used indoors

User friendly and affordable
32 oz $29.00
16 oz $20.00
4 oz $ 8.00

Waxes available for $15.00
Natural, Barely Brown, Dirty Water, Rough it Up

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