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We Can Refinish For You

Bring us your treasures, we'll make them look great!
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Yes You Can!

We can teach you how to do it yourself.
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Refining OptionsRepurposed Living for Less

Are you looking for a way to update your room or add a spectacular focal point? Come see us!


Bring Us Your Furniture

One of our favorite jobs at The Refinery is to make older pieces of furniture shine like new. We can refine any type furniture.


Shop our Showroom

Come see what is available in the showroom! Everything you see will be unique and completely redone. We can guaranty that no piece of furniture is the same.


Do it Yourself

Come join our Blackberry House paint classes. It is the perfect opportunity for anyone to learn the basics of paint refinishing. Our staff will direct the class and answer any questions.

Recreate your Furniture

At The Refinery, our goal is to repurpose for less. It can be difficult to replace your older furniture, so we would like to help you give it a fresh new look.

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Refined and Ready

We love to recycle, repurpose, and reuse all types of furniture. For this reason, there is a large selection of furniture that we have rescued and refined, ready for your home.

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Yes You Can!

Some home projects can be difficult, but we want to make it easier and more enjoyable for you. Our Blackberry House paint classes can help!

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Blackberry House Paint

The Refinery is proud to be an authorized distributor of the Blackberry House line of paints.

Blackberry House Paint Authorized Dealer